Priest Wanted

Pashupati Area Development Trust
Bankali, Kathmandu, Nepal
Priest Wanted

This notice is published to invite applications for the post of a priest at the famous Temple of Lord Pashupatinath in Kathmandu, Nepal. Applicants having the following qualifications can send their applications to the e-mail or postal address filling in the required form along with their resume by October 20, 2014 (Kartik 3, 2071 B.S)

Required Qualifications
1. Shaivist Trilinga Dravid brahmin, devoted to Lord Shiva and the resident of south of vindyachal(Karnatak, Andhra, Maharastra).
2. Bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit majoring in Veda-Vedanta, Dharmashastra or Tantra.
3. Inborn Vedic Hindu since generation.
4. Born to same-caste parents belonging to Vedic Brahmin families since generations.
5. Married to a woman of the same caste according to the Vedic tradition but not a widower.
6. Knowledgeable about Shavisim and Shreevidhya.
7. Age above 25 years and below 40 years.
8. Must have studied one of the Vedas thoroughly.
9. Healthy, active and having no physical disability.
10. Vegetarian since generations and
11. Having high moral character.

1. To get up early in the morning, perform daily ceremonial routine of Sandhyavandan and involve in regular-occasional and special worship every day at 2.30 pm in the Pashupatinath Temple on fasting.
2. To follow the instructions given by the Chief Priest of the Temple for conducting worship.
3. To deposit/get deposited all types of cash and material goods offered to the Temple in the Trust.
4. To work in accordance with rules and regulations of the Trust.
5. To perform any work according to tradition in the Pashupatinath’s Temple considering it as service to God.
6. To involve in the preparation of offering and in evening adoration with kindled lamps according to the work schedule, and
7. To perform duties assigned from time to time by the Governing Council of the Trust.

The interview of the shortlisted candidates will be held in Kathmandu. The Trust will bear the airfare or train-bus fare to and from Kathmandu and also provide free food and lodging.

1. The Trust will provide free residence.
2. The Trust will pay for the utilities like water and electricity.
3. The total monthly remuneration will amount to NPR about 1,60,000.00 (One lakh sixty thousand Nepalese rupees only), which includes salary, allowance, guest reception, telephone and transportation. There will be additional income from the special pooja. The priest himself will have to pay income tax according to the rule of the Government of Nepal.
4. Other terms will be in accordance with the Temple and Worship Management Regulation, 2068 B.S. of the Trust.
5. Without affecting the work in the Temple, leaves will be granted as per the rules of the Trust.
6. Visit the Trust www for the details.
Pashupati Area Development Trust
Bankali, Kathmandu
Tel: 00-977-1-4471828, 00-977-1-4470340

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